quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009


I wonder if it's normal. I mean, not following weird minds. I mean, there are confused minds out there. I mean, too way confused. I would go and say there are lots of confused minds out there, more confused than mine. Got it? And turning back to the central point: is that normal? I mean, not following them? Because in one day some people act normal, like if everything is fucking normal, everything is fucking brillant, everything is fucking bright, everything is everything, you know? And on the other day they act like if everything is a fucking big shit. I mean, anyone is allowed to have days like that. But c'mon, it's allowed to happen once in a while, you know?, I mean, it's not a fucking rule, but it's out there. Some people just act like the shit they are and suddenly they are back and they want to act normal and they also want everything to be there for them, like if never ever happened. I'm so afraid of you don't get the point, I mean, in this 'mean's ocean, the meaning could be already lost between, even tho I am kind of working hard to not lost the fucking meaning. I'm missing a bunch of things and I wish I could say I miss some of those kind of minds I have been telling you about. But I don't.

I'm packing my things to go in a trip. It will last 'til next sunday. And as the matter of a fact, it's going to be good. I mean, I am going to not be able to be in touch for 4 days, but I can put that behind for 4 days.


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farewell, the ashtray girl. disse...

need to talk to you.
can i have a phone call just to say: hey, i'm on, wainting to tell you everything.

miss you