domingo, 15 de março de 2009


Today it's gonna be in english. And I don't care about my gramatical mistakes or about my eventual non-sense sentences. Life gets complicated just at the time that don't need to. I don't like cheap philosophy, but it's kinda required at the moment. I have to believe in that sentence "a door needs to be closed  to another door be opened". And this one either "everything happens for a reason". What the hell is wrong with most part of the people? Some people seems to acquire loads of pleasure being some kind of asses. Seriously. I don't have to worry about some kind of things, but there's a lot of them that scare me. Some words, some acts. And I really can't explain why, beucase I really don't know why. But I think if I knew I wouldn't tell anybody. Not because some people don't deserve that, but because I certainly would feel like a creep. Sometimes I think I'm not ready to be me, you know? Because one of my gifts is "to want what's not availabe". And then I get that. So what? Nothing really changes. But me. In the most part of things. I'm weird. And most of the time I wish people hate me than love me. Because it's easier being hated. I mean, maybe I got used to.

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