sábado, 28 de março de 2009


I just got home from theather. I went to watch a movie that I didn't want to at first. My sister came to me and said "Hey, I wanna see Ben Affleck's new movie, let's go?", then I said "I won't pay to watch a movie like that". Beeep. I was hit by surprise. It really is a great movie. In fact, it's not just Affleck's movie. It's Johansson's, Barrymore's and Connelly's movie. And I really liked it. This movie tells a story about women and "he will call me?" question. The movie increases their thoughts telling reasons and explaining all about it. And it's funny. And there's a little appearance of Cristine Rose (Nate & Peter Petrelli's mom, in Heroes). A magnificent appearance, by the way. I loved too many quotes from the movie. My favorite is "You are my exception", I think it has a little meaning to me. I guess I have found my exception. But maybe it's too soon to write that down. So, "He's Just not Into You" is a good movie. Loved the soundtrack & story-script. Ciao.

Edit: And of course. I have to tell something about the scene Jennifer Connelly breaks a mirror when she found out that her husband is smoking behind her back. Gosh, that was so fucking amazing. The after effects was hilarious.

Edit 2: I forgot. Gigi is the funniest character in the role!

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Ana Luiza disse...

I really really really really really really wanna see that movie! The trailer is really funny *-*